Quality made in Germany

Product Description

  • More than 30 years’ experience in providing quality universal shafts and other components.
  • Short delivery time due to huge inventory of universal shafts in DIN, Spicer and Mechanics versions.
  • Interchangeable with well-known German brands.
  • Also available are maintenance free universal shafts.

    • In particular in the field of heavy-duty cardanshafts from XL to XXL+, your best choice for difficult and extreme operating conditions due to the following characteristics:

      • Unsplitted bearing eyes
      • Maintenance-free function
      • Highest possible strength and minimum deformation under load
      • Maximum journal cross bearing capacity
      • Specific material selection and treatment
      • Optimum weld connections
      • Perfected geometry due to computer analyses

      We manufacture cardanshafts:
      • In sizes between S and XXL+
      • Up to rotational diameters of over 800mm
      • With torques of over 2 million Nm
      • In any dimension and size
      We are certified acc.:
      • DIN ISO 9001:2008
      • DIN ISO 14001:2004
      • DIN EN ISO 3834-2
      • DIN EN 15085-2 – CL 1
      • Ghost – R 52430
      We deliver cardanshafts on request:
      • Manufactured in accordance with ATEX
      • With a 2.1 certificate
      • With a 2.2 certificate
      • With a 3.1 certificate

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